Garden shed switch

Photo provided.

Volunteers (from left) Gary "Butch" Shivley, Bill Lucker, Jeremy Winkelman, Jerry Martin and Steve Patterson, along with (not pictured) volunteer Dick Wymer, stand with a nearly completed garden shed. The group offered to build a storage shed for the community garden on Huntington North High School grounds after it was learned that a shed being built by HNHS students would exceed the community garden budget. They built a shed, and the garden got a shed, but not in the way that was envisioned. Stan Bippus, a community garden coordinator, offered to purchase the too-expensive HNHS-built shed for his own garden, and the volunteers offered to build a replacement storage shed for the community garden. However, the HNHS-built shed proved to be too large to pass under overhead wires so it could be moved to Bippus's garden, so it remained at the community garden. The volunteers honored their commitment, building their shed at Bippus's garden.