Class teaches women safe firearms handling

A Ladies' NRA Instructed Gun Handling and Safety Course will be held Sunday, Oct. 6, from noon to 5 p.m. at the Roush Fish and Wildlife Area office.

Attendees will the basics of safe gun handling, causes of firearms accidents, how to unload various gun action types, firearm parts, and cleaning, care and safe storage of firearms.

The cost includes NRA literature, handbooks and a certificate of completion, as well as a short-range session. The cost is payable at time of registration.

The event is sponsored by the Roush Lake Fish and Wildlife Area and by NWTF Women in the Outdoors.

A maximum of 20 reservations will be accepted to allow a one-on-one learning experience.

For more information, contac: Denise Reust at the Roush Fish and Wildlife Area, 468-2165, or Barb Nevius of NWTF Women in the Outdoors, at 356-9341.

The Roush Fish and Wildlife Area office is located at 517 N. Warren Rd. (Ind.-5), in Huntington.