Roanoke council sees hike in health insurance costs

The Roanoke Town Council discussed employee health insurance for 2014 during its Tuesday, Sept. 17 meeting.

Larry Davis, of The Source, presented council with an employee health insurance plan containing a 9.82 percent rate increase. A motion to accept the plan, which will run through December 2014, passed unanimously.

Mark Mussman, executive director of the Huntington Countywide Department of Community Development, discussed Ordinance 2013-3 with council. The ordinance, which addresses future development along the County Road 900 North corridor as plans to improve the road move forward, was adopted by unanimous vote.

Also during the meeting, Council President Dave Tucker praised everyone involved with this year's Roanoke Fall Festival, which ran from Sept. 5-7 and drew large crowds.

"It's nice to know we can put on a program that draws that many new people to the town," he said.