Sheriff's sales now on Web site

Capt. Steve McIntyre, Huntington County jail commander, explains how to access the link to Sheriff’s sales on the county’s Web site. McIntyre designed the link, which now gives detailed information on properties that will be sold. Photo by Andre B. Laird.

Effective immediately, postings of upcoming Sheriff sales within Huntington County, will now be posted on the county's Web site, according to Commissioner Tom Wall.

"I'm happy that we have a county employee, Capt. Steve McIntyre, who saw the need to get us up-to-speed with something like this and took the initiative to do so," Wall states.

McIntyre says after getting the go-ahead from Major Tom Carney, he modeled the look of the site after the one similar to Tippecanoe County's, with one exception.

"Our site is much more detailed and offers the visitor more information about the properties," he states.

The site lists properties that will be sold in Sheriff's sales and includes a link to the County's Geographic Information System (GIS).

"The GIS gives detailed information on the property in question, including any improve-ments, liens and tax information," McIntyre says. "People can also view the property from different angles, including a bird eye's view."

He adds that a common misconception is that the Sheriff's Department has access to keys to the property and information on the interior.

"We do not have pictures of the inside of the properties, because we ourselves don't know what inside looks like," he states. "In a sheriff's sale, the property is turned over to us to sell at the bank or the mortgage company's request."

McIntyre says that guidelines and all relevant information needed before coming to the sale and after the sale is also included on the Web site.

Wall says the move to posting the sales online is in the right direction.

"It has always been the commissioner's office desire to make things more efficient and speed things up wherever we can," Wall states. "In the future, we're looking to add a link to tax sales properties as well."

Prior to the link, people interested in purchasing properties at the Sheriff sales would visit the Huntington County Jail, where they could acquire a list of all the properties. Wall says the list will still be made available for those without Internet access.
McIntyre adds that future plans also include listing all outstanding warrants as well as active inmates at the jail.

"The whole aim behind that is to give people more information," he states. "We have people who call all the time inquiring about warrants or wanting to check on family members in lock up."

In the meanwhile, access to the link for Sheriff sales in now available. Visit and click on the "County" tab. Navigate to the "Sheriff" link and click on "Sheriff Sales."