Raises awarded after good reviews

The Roanoke Town Council discussed employee reviews during its Tuesday, Nov. 5 meeting.

Clerk-Treasurer JoAnne Kirchner presented her review of Deputy Clerk-Treasurer Kay Moore. Kirchner praised Moore's performance and recommended to council that she be given a three percent raise. Council approved Moore's raise and voted to bump Kirchner's pay by the same rate.

Councilwoman Joan Abbott presented her reviews of utility department employees and recommended a three percent cost of living raise for Utility Superintendent Paul Swain, as well as for the department's three other employees. Council approved the recommendations.

Council debated whether or not to increase its own pay. Kirchner noted that it had been several years since council last voted to raise its pay. President Dave Tucker added that higher salaries could entice more citizens to run for council seats. After discussion, a motion to raise the president's pay from $3,000 to $3,500, the vice president's pay from $2,700 to $3,200 and council members' pay from $2,500 to $3,000 passed unanimously.

Tucker stated that reviews of police department employees would be take place at council's next meeting, Nov. 19.

Mark Mussman, executive director of the Huntington Countywide Department of Community Development, discussed two ordinances up for council's approval. One ordinance amended the town's zoning code to include not only the incorporated areas of the town, but the contiguous unincorporated land outside the boundaries of town where Roanoke's planning commission has exercised statutory extraterritorial jurisdiction. The other ordinance applied an employment zoning overlay to agricultural and general business real estate, with the purpose of encouraging responsible development and growth. Council approved both ordinances.

Mussman also informed council that he would like to issue building permits for two refurbished dugouts at the town's park. The town did not seek building permits when the structures were refurbished earlier this year. One of the dugouts was ruled to be in the regulatory floodway and Mussman served council with a violation notice in May. That dugout has since been cleared with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, as council provided the DNR with documentation that proved it was a preexisting structure, rather than new construction.

In other business:

Casey Erwin, of DLZ, updated council on several engineering projects in town.

Ken Tanner, treasurer of the Roanoke Park Board, informed council that the board's meetings would now be on the second Tuesday of every month, rather than the second Thursday.

Town Marshal Jim Wood thanked the UAW for donating money that covered the costs of three laptops for the police department. Wood also requested new body armor for the department, stating that current armor was nine years old and that the replacement cycle for armor is five years. Council indicated that it would replace the armor in a timely manner.