Sewer sale money could pay for street repairs

The Zanesville Town Council is considering repairing streets using money the town has remaining from the sale of its sewer system to Fort Wayne in 2008.

"When we sold the sewer, I guess it became our goal to take the proceeds that we received from the sewer and put it back into the town itself," Council Vice President Patsy Brock said during the council's meeting on Thursday, Nov. 21.

Wayne Street and Indianapolis Road were previously resurfaced using those funds and would be among the areas addressed again.

Brock said she would like to see the repairs happen before council members' terms end next year.

"I want to take and see that we spend the rest of the money that we have on getting as much of the streets repaired as we possibly can get," she stated.

Town Marshal Carl Collins requested funds to purchase a new mobile and handheld radio. Allen and Wells County Police Departments will be transitioning to encrypted radio channels in January and the radios currently used by the Zanesville Police Department will not be able to access them.

"If we don't switch our radios, we won't be able to talk to anyone," Collins said.

The marshal presented council with a quote from Motorola Solutions for radios for $5,352. Brock noted that the final cost would probably be closer to $6,000 after the assessment of fees.

A motion to use $4,000 from the police department's fund and $2,000 from CEDIT to purchase the radios passed unanimously. Council stated, however, that the cost could end up being lower if Collins finds a cheaper quote and if the Allen and Wells County prosecutors chip in funds to help defray the cost.

In other business:

• A motion to reappoint Council President John Schuhmacher to the town's seat on the Wells County Area Planning Commission passed unanimously. The term lasts until 2017.

• Council passed Resolution 2013-05, adopting the Wells County Comprehensive Plan, a guideline for zoning.

• The town's interlocal agreement with Allen County, in which the town pays the county for miscellaneous services, was renewed.