Parkview says Roanoke EMS facilities are substandard

A complaint that the facilities for emergency medical service personnel in Roanoke are inadequate was discussed at the Roanoke Town Council meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 20.

Parkview Huntington Hospital, the main provider of emergency medical services in Huntington County, stations ambulances and paramedics for extended periods of time in Roanoke.

However, Parkview says the current facilities are substandard in regards to being able to house medical staff overnight, according to a letter sent by Parkview to the town of Roanoke.

Council Vice President Troy Karshner discussed the main complaints, which included no second exit in the sleeping quarters in case of emergency, a musty smell in the facility and lack of restrooms.

Roanoke Fire Chief Chad Taylor agreed that the facilities need to be re-examined because an ambulance housed in Roanoke fulfills a need in the town that the fire department cannot.

"That truck has life-saving drugs that we don't have," he says.

In other business, the proposed golf cart ordinance was tabled in order to insert some clarifications, such as informing the cart owner that violations will be treated the same as an automobile, in documents associated with the ordinance.

In addition, the Roanoke Design Review Committee will host a meeting for public feedback on the committee's recommendations on Thursday, No. 5, at 7 p.m. at Seminary United Methodist Church in Roanoke. The public is asked to comment on the proposed plan.