Local students achieve dean’s list honors at Huntington University

Huntington University has announced the names of local students who were named to the dean's list for the fall semester of the 2013-14 school year.

The dean's list is published two times a year at Huntington University. The honor recognizes students for outstanding academic achievement during the previous semester. Honorees must be classified as regular students, be enrolled full-time with a load of 12 hours or more in graded courses and must achieve a semester grade point average of at least 3.50 on a 4-point scale.

Dean's list honorees are:

From Roanoke - Shawn Hudak, a junior majoring in communication studies; Adam Schmitz, a junior majoring in nursing; Rachel Hardt, a sophomore majoring in elementary education-language arts; Katie Stetzel, a junior majoring in biology/pre-med; Zachary Prather, a freshman majoring in history; and Heather McFarren, a senior majoring in nursing.

From Warren - Liz Bolinger, a junior majoring in psychology.

From Huntington - Liz Smith, a freshman majoring in animation; Alyssa Kissell, a freshman majoring in music choral education and theater performance; Jillian Fetters, a sophomore majoring in communication studies; Bronwen Fetters, a junior majoring in writing and literature; Joanna Hersey, a senior majoring in history; Angela Lipsey, a senior majoring in missions and youth ministries; Malina Fairchild, a freshman undecided about a major; Preston Shafer, a sophomore majoring in music choral education; and Andrew Wickersham, a senior majoring in history.

Also, Lindsey Berggren, a senior majoring in film production; Allyson Trout, a freshman undecided about a major; Cody Abbott, a sophomore majoring in history; TJ Clounie, a sophomore majoring in film production; Rebekah Sebastian, a senior majoring in youth ministries and children's ministry; Alex Hoffman, a senior majoring in computer science, accounting and philosophy; Kameron Smith, a senior majoring in physical education and health; Melissa Grossman, a senior majoring in political science and history; and Karina Hoover, a senior majoring in elementary education and teaching English learners.

Also, Austin Drummond, a senior majoring in business management and computer science; Fred Tolson, a senior majoring in worship leadership; Josh McIntyre, a senior majoring in history and political science; Emily Smith, a junior majoring in biology/pre-med; Jannea Thomason, a junior majoring in English; Amy Landhuis, a junior majoring in history education; Meghan Wilson, a junior majoring in elementary and middle school English-language arts; Ryan Woods, a senior majoring in animation; and Josh White, a freshman majoring in entrepreneurial small business management.

Also, Paul Landhuis, a junior majoring in youth ministries; Susanna Vining, a freshman majoring in psychology and social work; Marie Ditzler, a freshman majoring in nursing; Cheryl Lopez, a senior majoring in nursing; Jared Green, a sophomore majoring in sport management; Janessa Macejak, a senior majoring in missions; and Ehren Wynder, a freshman majoring in journalism.