iAB financial hails its employee milestones

iAB Financial Bank recognizes employees who celebrate milestone anniversaries in 2014.
iAB Financial Bank recognizes employees who celebrate milestone anniversaries in 2014. Photo provided.

iAB financial bank recognized employees who will be celebrating milestone anniversaries with the organization during 2014.

A special breakfast was held in their honor on Thursday, March 6. The employees participating also took the opportunity to select a charitable organization in the community to gift with a $1,000 donation to A Hope Center, commemorating the partnerships of both iAB with its valued employees and of iAB with local communities.
Michael C. Marhenke, president and chief executive officer, recognized these employees and applauded their commitment to giving back to individuals with charitable needs. "Our employees recognize and understand the power of partnership in our local communities and take their commitment seriously by taking this opportunity to give back," stated Marhenke.

The employees honored include:
• 45 years of service - Carol Ebler.

• 35 years - Phylian Keefer, Kevin Roth.

• 25 years - Nancy Bicknese.

• 20 years - Mary Anne Frank, Cindy Langel, Cheri Meek, Noreen Preston, Marilyn Scherer and Brenda Stuckey.

• 15 years - Mike Gonya, Jill Keim, Angie Kuhn, Beth McKee, Donna Misner and Merlie Thinnes.

• 10 years - Dave Atherton, Kim Heyde, Kevin Himmelhaver, Tarrah Jasso, Andy Marshall and Mary Parrot.

• 5 years - Michelle Ahrens, Terri Beck, Emily Doss, Nick Felger, Laura Harris, Marilyn Haslup, Cyndy Humbert, Kody Kumfer, Travis McEowen, Linda Morr, Thom Obergfell, Jessica Seago, Denny Walker, Jeff Wyckoff and Dave Young.

A Hope Center is a faith-based organization with a mission to provide life affirming pregnancy related services to women and their families. With more than 29 years of outreach to the community, A Hope Center aims to provide hope, health and healing in these sometimes difficult circumstances through education and encouragement. iAB financial bank partnered with A Hope Center in addressing this growing need by providing a $1,000 gift towards the purchase of baby beds for their clients.

iAB financial bank employs approximately 285 people in local communities which include Fort Wayne, Bluffton, Grabill, Harlan, Huntington, Leo, Markle, New Haven, Ossian, Roanoke, Van Buren and Warren.

Complete caption: iAB Financial Bank recognizes employees who celebrate milestone anniversaries in 2014. Pictured are (front row, from left to right) Jill Keim, Donna Misner, Laura Harris, Mary Parrot, Merlie Thinnes, Carol Ebler, Cheri Meek and Andy Marshall; and (back row, from left to right) Angie Kuhn, Kody Kumfer, Marilyn Scherer, Cyndy Humbert, Jeff Wyckoff, Terri Beck, Thom Obergfell, Emily Doss, Marilyn Haslup, Dave Atherton, Kim Heyde, Kevin Roth, Phylian Keefer, Dave Young, Michelle Ahrens, Kevin Himmelhaver, Jessica Seago, Noreen Preston, Beth McKee and Travis McEowen. Not pictured: Nancy Bicknese, Nick Felger, Mary Anne Frank, Mike Gonya, Tarrah Jasso, Cindy Langel, Linda Morr, Brenda Stuckey and Denny Walker.