Bendix recycling efforts paying dividends

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC has achieved a 96 percent waste diversion rate as a result of its ongoing efforts to operate in environmentally responsible and innovative ways, company officials have announced.

"As recently as 2008, our waste diversion rate was 52 percent," says Maria Gutierrez, Bendix director of sustainability management. "Just five years later, in 2013, less than 4 percent of our waste was sent to landfills. It's a direct result of a company-wide commitment to recycling and remanufacturing, and continuous work toward our goal of ‘zero waste to landfill' operations."

Bendix diverted more than 9,500 tons of waste, which included recycling more than 9,240 tons of material last year. Bendix has driven waste diversion through recycling programs for basic materials, such as cardboard, wood, plastic and metal.

The programs are in place at company headquarters in Elyria, OH, and manufacturing plants in Bowling Green, KY; Huntington.; and Acuña, Mexico.

The company has found other recycling channels as well. Bendix sends discarded desiccant from its recycled air dryers to a company that reclaims the waste material for use in producing cement.