Markle council to have Wells County GIS access

The November Markle Town Council meeting was filled with routine business.

The council agreed to pay $452.60 to Wells County in order to have access to the GIS system Wells County is looking into purchasing. Upon payment, Markle will have full access to all of the data the system offers, which helps with economic development activities.

Half of Markle lies in Wells County.

Blake Caley and Brian Street were appointed to the Markle Plan Commission and Huntington County Board of Zoning Appeals representing Markle for the rest of the year and for a four-year term beginning Jan. 1, 2010.

Brian Clabaugh, Eric Bower and James Madsen were appointed to the Board of Zoning representing Markle as well and will begin each of their four-year term on the first of the new year.

Clerk-Treasurer Carolyn Hamilton brought up a visit by a Census Bureau representative, who wants to use the basement of the Markle Town Hall building for testing of those 18 years or older for census jobs that pay $9.50 to $17 per hour. The council agreed to the requested use.

Markle Police Chief and Town Marshal John Markley got permission from council to talk to the Huntington County Highway Department about posting speed limits farther out on certain roads that lead into town. Markley said they have been getting complaints about speeding.

Mike Grant of the Public Works and Utility Department presented a drawing of potential space to be added on to the fire station for EMS quarters. Grant said it would put all of the emergency services in one building. Grant money may be available for the addition, he added.
The council decided to look over the drawings and bring any questions they might have to Grant but a decision would need to be made in the future.

"At some point we're going to have to decide what makes sense for us to do and start looking at costs and planning to do what we need to do, whatever that determination is," said council President Tamra Boucher.