Final week of filings pumps up Republican races

A four-way race has developed for the Republican nomination as Huntington County Clerk in the May 4 primary election.

During the final week of the filing period, which ended at noon on Friday, Feb. 19, three people joined incumbent Fran Felts in seeking that nomination.

Stacey Elzey Bischoff, 731 German St., Huntington; Kittie Keiffer, 4373W. Division Rd.; and Gary L. Snyder, 5101W-1000N, Huntington, are all seeking the Republican nomination as clerk.

The May primary election also serves as a general election for the Huntington County Community School Corporation Board of Trustees. It is a nonpartisan election, meaning that candidates do not run as members of political parties.

Registering as school board candidates during the final week of the filing period were incumbent Thomas R. King, 1049 Wildwood Drive, in District 5.

Also filing were Jon A. Moore, 8748N-400W, Huntington, and Kevin E. Patrick, 6189N-380W, Huntington, both in District 2. Patrick is the incumbent.

The District 3 school board seat is also up for election this year, and incumbent Rick Brubaker had previously announced that he does not plan to seek re-election. There are no candidates for the post.

Voting for Markle Town Council is also nonpartisan. Those elections will be held in November, and the filing deadline for those offices has not yet been reached.

Sharon Lee Sparks, 520 E. Morse St., Markle, registered as a candidate for the Markle Town Council during the last week of the filing period.

Eric L. Bower, 160 N. Miller St., Markle, had previously filed as a candidate for the Markle seat, which is currently held by Tamra Boucher.

Filing as candidates in the Republican primary during the final week, in addition to the county clerk candidates, were:

•    Huntington County Council, first district — Todd M. Landrum, 5132 N. Old Fort Wayne Rd., Huntington. Landrum is the only Republican to file for the nomination to that seat, which is currently held by Don Schoeff. Schoeff is seeking a different office.

•    Huntington County Council, third district — Pam Updike, 1327 Poplar St.  Updike is the incumbent. She faces Joel Harris, a previously announced candidate, in the primary.

•    Huntington County Council, fourth district — Felicia J. Staley, 6473W-500N, Huntington. The incumbent is Don Davenriner, who previously filed his candidacy.

•    Huntington County Commissioners, first district — Leon Hurlburt, 7384 N. Meridian Rd., Huntington. Incumbent Jerry Helvie and challenger Carl Zinsmeister had previously filed as candidates.

•    Jackson Township Trustee — Terri L. Edmiston, 332 Rockwell Ave., Roanoke. Incumbent Sheila Hines previously filed.

•    Dallas Township Board— Michael Wayne Clift, 543 N. Jackson St., Andrews; and James N. Jones Jr., 8498 W. Divison Rd., Andrews.

•    Huntington Township Board — Terry L. Miller, 3232 N. Rangeline Rd.; John  L. Baker, 3029W-600N, Huntington; and Andy Zay, 1891 Stults Rd.

•    Jackson Township Board — Wayne Fox, 5422 E. Station Rd., Roanoke; Steven Thomas, 1973E-800N, Huntington; Stephen G. Simon, 1118E-100N, Roanoke; and Larry G. Lahr, 5293E-700N, Roanoke.

•    Jefferson Township Board — Joseph L. Landrum, 1412W-900S, Warren; and Mark D. Vickrey, 3278W-100S, Warren.

•    Lancaster Township Board — Linda Couch, 3380S-400W, Huntington; and Terry W. Updike, 4100S-200W, Huntington.

•    Polk Township Board — Matthew Tyner, 1012S-600W, Huntington; and Joseph E. Eisenhauer, 7587W-200S, Andrews.

•    Rock Creek Township Board — Jerry A. Mossburg, 1521 S. Clark Rd., Markle.

•    Union Township Board — Ron Goetz, 2898E-400N, Huntington; and Harold Wayne Kline, 3788E-300N, Huntington

•    Warren Township Board — Lee Schmalzried, 8435N-900W, Huntington.

•    Republican state convention delegates — J. Ryan Wall, 520 Henry St., Huntington; Christopher M. Hoke, 3302E-716N, Huntington; Robert Stouder, 4614N-750W, Huntington; Kristopher Scott Underwood, 1565 N. LaFontaine St.; Edmond W. Asher, 4015W-100N, Huntington; Shane Thomson, 8703N-100E, Huntington; Andy Zay, 1891 Stults Rd.; Jaime Miller, 6600N-530W, Huntington; and Fran Felts, 303 Hendricks St., Andrews.

Filing as candidates in the Democrat primary during the final week:

•    Huntington Township Trustee — James L. Long, 2066 Sabine St., Huntington.

•    Huntington Township Board — Robert M. Carroll, 535 Clark St.; Gregory N. Carroll, 4512N-622W, Huntington; and Doyle E. Krieg, 317 Guilford St., Huntington.

•    Democrat state convention delegates — Ricky Lee Witt, 3010 Chief Turtle Ct., Huntington; Rebecca Jo Witt, 3010 Chief Turtle Ct.;  Robert M. Carroll, 535 Clark St.; Gregory N. Carroll, 4512N-622W, Huntington; Kenneth A. Zuk, 4000W-400S, Huntington; Carmen K. Oswalt, 300 Circle Dr., Huntington; William Roger Oswalt, 300 Circle Drive, Huntington; Doyle E. Krieg, 317 Guilford St., Huntington; Kathleen Krieg, 317 Guilford St., Huntington; and James L. Long, 2066 Sabine St., Huntington.

•    Democrat precinct committeemen — Robert M. Carroll, 535 Clark St., Huntington; Gregory N. Carroll, 4512N-622W, Huntington; and William Roger Oswalt, 300 Circle Drive, Huntington.