Unisom offers Markle lease buyout on water tower

Jack Squier, of Unison Site Management LLC, offered to buy out the current lease on the water tower in Markle for $50,288 during the Markle Town Council meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 17.

The council decided to seek legal review before approving and signing the contract.

Centennial Wireless currently leases space on the tower for its equipment, located at U.S.-224 and Ind.-3. Squier says his company would handle Centennial as well as any other companies that want to lease space on the tower.

He says payments from those companies would be split in half between Unison and the Town of Markle, which could bring in between $1,500 and $2,500 to the town per month.

Tamra Boucher, council vice president, said she wants legal review of the contract. She said the Centennial lease could be worth about $97,350, so the town is facing a potential loss of about $47,000 from that company.

"It's like going and playing the slots," Boucher said, explaining that it's a gamble.

The council said it would like to make a decision at the next meeting, which is scheduled for March 17.

Town Clerk-Treasurer Carolyn Hamilton, 62, announced that she plans to retire as of April 2. Council members said they will go through the necessary steps to appoint a replacement to fill Hamilton's term balance. Hamilton has served since 2000.