Banks seeks to save storage costs of excess papers

Congressman Jim Banks (IN-03) introduced a bill directing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to work to eliminate excess printed material the agency spends millions of dollars a year storing.

“This bill would increase oversight of the EPA, make better use of taxpayer funds and reduce the size of the EPA’s footprint,” said Banks.

“It’s important in the modern digital age to make sure the management procedures of government agencies are up to date. Increasing accountability at these agencies is crucial to the efficient use of taxpayer dollars.”

A 2014 report by the Office of Inspector General for the EPA led to the discovery that the agency was spending millions of dollars to store excess printed material and publications in warehouses. A 2016 report states that EPA staffers believe it is cheaper to print in bulk and then store the material.

At one point, the agency had over 140 tons of paper waste and it spent $1.5 million at one facility (one out of many that it leased) to store this material.

Banks’ bill would direct the EPA’s Office of Inspector General to survey current inventory and provide recommendations for reducing it and therefore reduce the need to lease expensive storage space in the future.