Andrews TC addresses wastewater rate complaints

The Andrews Town Council addressed complaints about the town’s new wastewater rate at its meeting on Monday, July 10.

In May, the board voted to raise the rate to $72.87 for 4,000 gallons of water consumption. Residents’ July bills are the first to reflect that increase.

While council members said they regretted that the rate hike would be difficult for some residents to bear, they defended the increase, stating that it was necessary in order for the town to secure financing for its wastewater treatment plant project.

To help soften the blow of the increase, council members said the town was willing to make a one-time adjustment to residents’ bills, reimbursing them for the cost of water leaks. Councilmember Bonnie Walker stated that it was the board’s hope that residents would then take the money reimbursed to them and use it to repair their leaks.

Council also decided to reopen the application process for the town’s summer sprinkling credit, which had closed in April. Residents who apply for the credit can have the cost of watering their lawns deducted from their bills during the summer months. The credit is available only to residents who are current on their water bills. It can be applied for by visiting the clerk-treasurer’s office in the Andrews Municipal Building.

In other business:

• Council pledged $115,000 in CEDIT money toward the repaving of streets and installation of sidewalks next year.

The cost of the work, which would center on Market Street, is approximately $400,000, said Clerk-Treasurer Laura Dillon.

The deadline to apply for an Indiana Community Crossings matching grant, which would pay for 75 percent of the work while the town funds the remaining 25 percent, is Friday, July 14.

• The Andrews Police Department’s new deputy marshal, Joseph Becker, was sworn in at the meeting.

Town Marshal Austin Bullock also received permission to purchase a pair of new backup firearms for the department.

Additionally, Bullock noted that he had ordered a dozen “Neighborhood Watch” signs for the town.

• The board agreed to give Adam Vogleman, the new owner of the house at 21 Maple St., until Sept. 8 to fix existing issues at the residence, which is being monitored by the Huntington Countywide Department of Community Development.