Andrews council asking residents for ideas about projects in town

The Andrews Town Council is inviting citizens to contribute ideas for projects they would like to see come to fruition in the town.

Council members made the request during their meeting on Monday, Sept. 11.

The ideas will be considered for inclusion in the town’s comprehensive plan, which the board intends to prepare with help from Region III-A in the months ahead. The plan, explains Council President Bill Johnson, will function as an outline for how the town would like to improve itself using grant money from the state.

Projects discussed by council included the installation of lighting along the entrance to the town off U.S.-24, the construction of a new community building and improvements to the town park.

Citizens interested in contributing ideas may stop by town hall, at 66 N. Main St., or call the hall at 786-3848.

The board discussed an email it had received from Jay Stankiewicz, of civil engineering firm Fle-is & VandenBrink, on Aug. 28 regarding the town’s latest application for state funds that would finance road infrastructure work.

The email, council stated, explained that the awarding of grants was running behind schedule. The board hypothesized that the delay was due to the volume of applications received by the state.

Despite the hold up, Stankiewicz indicated  that he could get started on drawing up engineering plans for the paving work that the town was hoping to have done. Council, however, elected to hold off on that process until it knows whether or not the town will be receiving funds.

Utility Superintendent Colin Bullock provided an update on his department’s effort to acquire a woodchipper. Bullock explained that he had found a unit available for purchase and that the seller had turned it over to him so that he could examine it and determine if it was worth the investment. Council gave Bullock permission to purchase the unit for $3,000 if it met his approval.

Bullock also reminded citizens that if they have brush they would like his department to pick up, they need to fill out a form at town hall and make sure the brush is deposited at their curb. Additionally, he noted that he would be picking up leaves toward the end of fall.