Birthday Books for Jesus

Photo by Steve Clark.

Huntington Catholic School recognized students whose families participated in its Birthday Book for Jesus initiative this past December during an all-school liturgy at SS. Peter and Paul Parish on Friday, Jan. 19. The initiative saw students and their families donate money to the school’s library for the purchase of religious books, in honor of the birthday of Jesus Christ. In all, over 30 new books were added to the library. Students pictured are (front row from left) Lia Stanley, Logan Lewis, Rilynne Lewis, Josh Lippe, Daniela Plascencia and Isaac Scheiber;  (middle row from left) Jackson Garrott, Alexandra Craig, Baden Craig, Jedadiah Kline, Josephine Kline and Augustus Kline; and (back row from left) Lillian Brumbaugh, Caleb Scheiber, Laura Hartmus, Ethan Linker, Evan Linker and Ellen Rorick. Not pictured is Steven Ball.