Huntington County women are eligible for Sayre Scholarship

The Country Women’s Council USA (CWC) offers the Ruth B. Sayre Memorial Scholarship for the purpose of fostering educational development for women.

Ruth Buxton Sayre, born a banker’s daughter, became a farmer’s wife in 1919 and mother of four children. She became aware of the deprivations of farm families compared to their town counterparts. During the 1920s and 30s, she traveled the countryside, organizing courses for young farm women to learn and work for simple amenities for themselves, as well as calling on rural communities for better schools and the establishment of public libraries. From 1947 to 1953, she served as the first working president of the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) from the United States. To date, she is the only American to have held that prestigious post.  

The $500 scholarship is awarded to a resident of the U.S., living in a CWC member state, demonstrating leadership abilities and financial need. Application forms are available through the CWC website,, or from an IEHA State officer, DR or County President. Applications are also available through the Huntington County Purdue Extension Office, located at 1340 S. Jefferson St., Huntington.

The completed application and required attachments are due by March 1 to IEHA President Stephanie Jerabek, in care of Huntington County Extension Services, 1340 S. Jefferson St., Huntington, IN 46750.