Council volunteers

Photo provided.

Some of the members of the Roanoke Elementary School Student Council visited Love INC on Feb. 20, on a trip partnered with Huntington Youth Leadership. Members who participated are (front row from left) Evie Pye, Will Gradeless, Aidan Milton and Aiden Stallsmith; and (back row from left) Alivia Hernandez, Lucy Fritz, Elise Neher, Isaac Lilly, Leland Lewis, Eli Conwell and Isaac Conwell. While there, they learned what happens to donated items and toured the building. They participated in a cooking class and made turkey wraps, cookies, peanut butter shakes and pasta with meat sauce. The meal was sampled by the students and given out to neighborhood residents who visited Love INC that evening. After the dinner, the students helped out by stuffing bags with candy and notes for Easter.