Fabulous Falcons

Photo provided.

Flint Springs Elementary School recently honored several students as fabulous Falcons for the month of February for showing outstanding character with the lifelong guideline of “No Put Downs” – to never use words, actions or body language to hurt or dishonor others. Those students honored are (front row from left) Katie Elkins, Giovanni Nembhard, Paulette Jordan, Audrey Hosier, Aaliyah Lujon, Raegan Haupert, Kilah Cocklin, Zach McGuire and Bentley Teusch; (middle row from left) Abi Keefer, Peyton McNally, Bella Hall, Emily Gradeless, Noah Runion, Madison Riggers, Honor Lynch, Amy Li, Adam Beluschek and Brody Wheeler; and (back row from left) Jeremy Wilson, Aiden Graves, Xavier Eckinger, Jalen Smith, Evie Webb, Gabby Betterly, Evan Tepper and Aaron Youngman.