HCCSC’s ISTEP+ numbers slip this year

The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) has released the Spring 2018 ISTEP+ results, and scores for students in Huntington County Community Schools were generally down in the fourth year of the revised test.

Of all Huntington County students in grades three through eight, 66.4 percent passed the English/language arts section of the ISTEP+. That compares to 70.7 percent passing in 2017 and 72.1 percent in 2016.

On the math section of the exam, 55.2 percent of students in grades three through eight passed. That compares to 60 percent in 2017 and 61.3 percent for 2016.

HCCSC’s 10th-graders did better. Among those students, 63.7 percent passed the English/language arts section, compared to 55.1 percent in 2017 and 67.7 percent in 2016.

Scores also went up on 10th grade mathematics tests. On the math portion, 30.7 percent of 10th graders passed the exam, compared to 28.3 percent in 2017 and 37.8 percent in 2016.

Chad Daugherty, HCCSC’s assistant superintendent for instruction, says administrators were “disappointed” by this year’s scores. However, he notes while passage percentages are down, the corporation’s students im- proved in growth, showing improvements from the previous year.

“Last year was the first year that we’ve taken all of our testing online for ISTEP, so that was the first year we’ve done that,” he says. “This year, every student has to take the test online with the new ILEARN, so we decided to go last year all online to take the ISTEP.”

Daugherty says this fall, HCCSC brought in a consultant group to perform a root cause analysis of the ISTEP results.

“We do see some things, which were depth of knowledge. When we look at our depth of knowledge in (grades) threes and fours, it’s how we are assessing the standards,” he explains. “That’s something that we have to work on and how to assess the standards – not what the curriculum is, what is there, but it’s how do we assess our standards. That’s something we are trying to improve.”

Daugherty hinted that when the corporation’s school letter grades are released by IDOE there will be some positive improvements seen, especially among elementary schools.

“There’s going to be some pleasant surprises there,” he said. “There’s a lot of growth in what our students were showing taking the test, from the previous year. That’s one of the bright spots that we were able to see out of the testing.”

Statewide, ISTEP+ test performance remained stable across content areas in grades three through eight, with slight increases in grade eight English/language arts and grade three mathematics scores.

As part of more rigorous Indiana Academic Standards adopted in 2014 for English/language arts and mathematics, ISTEP+ assesses English language arts, mathematics in grades three through eight and 10, science in grades four, six and 10, and social studies in grades five and seven. Here are how the different HCCSC schools fared on the exam:

Grades Three to Eight
English/Language Arts (students who passed)
Andrews Elementary: 151 (73.7 percent); in 2017: 149 (74.5 percent).

Flint Springs Elementary: 134 (64.4 percent); in 2017: 143 (73 percent).

Lancaster Elementary: 83 (61.9 percent); in 2017: 96 (68.6 percent).

Lincoln Elementary: 106 (49.5 percent); in 2017: 119 (52 percent).

Northwest Elementary: 101 (78.9 percent); in 2017: 112 (81.2 percent).

Roanoke Elementary: 118 (64.8 percent); in 2017: 126 (70.8 percent).

Salamonie School: 71 (64 percent); in 2017: 87 (77.7 percent).

Crestview Middle School: 362 (67.5 percent); in 2017: 365 (68.2 percent).

Riverview Middle School: 438 (68.9 percent); in 2017: 474 (74.8 percent).

Huntington Catholic School: 43 (64.2 percent); in 2017: 54 (78.3 percent).

Math (students who passed)
Andrews Elementary: 129 (62.6 percent); in 2017: 140 (69.3 percent).

Flint Springs Elementary: 90 (43.1 percent); in 2017:104 (51.5 percent).

Lancaster Elementary: 75 (55.6 percent); in 2017: 93 (66.4 percent).

Lincoln Elementary: 92 (43 percent); in 2017: 78 (33.9 percent).

Northwest Elementary: 97 (75.2 percent); in 2017: 100 (72.5 percent).

Roanoke Elementary: 117 (64.3 percent); in 2017: 120 (67.4 percent).

Salamonie School: 70 (63.6 percent); in 2017: 86 (76.8 percent).

Crestview Middle School: 296 (54.9 percent); in 2017: 293 (55 percent).

Riverview Middle School: 335 (53.1 percent); in 2017: 407 (64.4 percent).

Huntington Catholic School: 39 (58.2 percent); in 2017: 35 (50.7 percent).

Grade 10
English/Language Arts (students who passed)
Huntington North H.S.: 214 (63.7 percent); in 2017: 199 (55.1 percent).

Math (students who passed)
Huntington North H.S.: 103 (30.7 percent); in 2017: 103 (28.3 percent).

For detailed data on the Spring 2017 ISTEP+ exams, visit doe.in.gov/accountability/find-school-and-corporation-data-reports.

Indiana will now transition to the new ILEARN test in 2018-19 for grades three through eight. ILEARN assesses the same Indiana Academic Standards as ISTEP+, but computer adaptive testing will be utilized to better inform educators about students’ strengths and weaknesses.

ISTEP+ will continue to serve as the accountability assessment for 10th-grade students through the 2022 school year.

More information on ILEARN is available at doe.in.gov/assessment/ilearn-families.