Roanoke council again discusses ‘quint’ fire truck

The Roanoke Town Council continued to discuss the possible purchase of a quint truck from a fire department in Allen County during its meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 2.

Brandon Taylor, chief of the Roanoke Volunteer Fire Department, reported that the truck, a 2012 model, would be sold for $285,000 by the St. Joseph Township Volunteer Fire Department. That price, noted Taylor, included all of the truck’s ladders and attached equipment.

At the board’s meeting on Dec. 18, Taylor suggested that both of the town’s fire engines could be sold to defray the cost of purchasing the quint truck, which is a combination between a fire engine and a ladder truck. Taylor said that a broker had appraised the department’s 1996 engine and valued it between $75,000 and $85,000; the broker’s valuation of the department’s 2004 engine was $120,000. The broker’s commission to sell the vehicles would be between 6 and 9 percent, stated Taylor.

The Andrews Volunteer Fire Department had expressed interest in purchasing the 2004 engine, said Taylor. The sale price that he and the department had discussed was $100,000. Taylor inquired if council found that price acceptable, noting that it would be a private sale, not requiring a broker. After consideration, the board replied that the town would need to receive $110,000 for the vehicle.

Council opted to not decide on the purchase or sale of any of the vehicles, tabling the matter until its meeting on Jan. 15.

As for the new fire engine that the fire department is waiting to pick up from Summit Fire Apparatus, Taylor reported that he expected the vehicle to be ready by the following week. To that end, Taylor said that he had been in touch with insurance agent Dave Mettler, of Mettler Agency Inc., in Huntington, about obtaining coverage for the engine when department personnel pick it up from the builder in Kentucky and drive it to Roanoke.

In other business:

• Council voted to reappoint Dave Tucker to the role of council president and Troy Karshner to the role of vice president.

• Tucker named council members to liaison positions: Joan Abbott, park department; John Stoeckley, police department; Ryan Carroll, utility department; and Karshner, fire department. Stoeckley will also work with the Roanoke Public Library while Supervisor of Operations Phil Hibbert will work with the Roanoke Chamber of Commerce.

• The board decided that late tenant fees at the former town hall site for December and January would need to be paid by Feb. 1 in order for the tenant to maintain occupancy.