Huntington North graduation rate for 2018 improves to 95.43 percent, notes DOE report

The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) has released the 2018 state waiver graduation rate, and Huntington North High School saw continued improvement from previous years’ figures, with 95.43 percent of the Class of 2018’s 388 seniors graduating on time.

Huntington County Community School Corporation Superintendent Randy Harris expressed his satisfaction with the uptick in the graduation rate, saying the teachers at the high school do an outstanding job of making sure as many seniors as possible graduate on time.

“We really have to give a lot of the credit to all our teachers, starting with the kindergarten and going all the way up, because they help get those kids ready for their final years in high school,” Harris says. “They all do a fine job.”

At Huntington North, the 2015 graduation rate was 90.2 percent; in 2016 the rate was 91.2 percent; and in 2017 it was 91.75 percent, showing a steady increase in the rate of students receiving their high school diplomas.

The HNHS report shows additional data:

• There were 168 female students out of a cohort of 175 who graduated, at a rate of 96 percent.

• There were 166 male students out of a cohort of 175 who graduated, at a rate of 94.86 percent.

• Nine of 12 Hispanic students graduated, at a rate of 75 percent.

• There were 313 white students out of a total of 325 who graduated, at a rate of 96.31 percent.

• Of students who paid for lunch meals, 244 of 251 graduated, at a rate of 97.21 percent.

• Eighty-seven of 95 students who had free or reduced meals graduated, at a rate of 91.58 percent.

• There were 298 graduates out of a general education population of 306, at a rate of 97.39 percent.

• Of 40 special education students, 33 graduated, at a rate of 82.5 percent.

• There were 330 non-English language learner students who graduated from a group of 345 , at a rate of 95.65 percent.

The figures released by the IDOE show HNHS faring over seven points better than the state’s 2018 waiver graduation rate of 88.1 percent. The non-waiver rate was 80.78 percent. In 2017, the state waiver graduation rate was 87.19 percent with a non-waiver graduation rate of 80.10 percent.

In Indiana, schools are allowed to give waivers to students who fail “end-of-course assessments” all students must pass to graduate. Students receiving waivers can still earn their diplomas even if they don’t pass year-end exams in math and English before they finish school.

“With the increase to Indiana’s graduation rate, it is evident our schools are committed to the academic success of our students,” said Dr. Jennifer McCormick, Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction. “While there is still work to be done, we will continue to partner with local districts to ensure every student graduates prepared for life beyond high school.”

Due to differences between federal and state accountability equations and standards, IDOE also released 2018 federal graduation rates. In 2018, Indiana’s federal graduation rate was 87.23 percent, and the federal non-waiver rate was 79.97 percent. With the previous exclusion of the general diploma due to the Every Student Success Act, Indiana’s 2018 federal graduation rate is not comparable to prior years.

To view a spreadsheet with statewide, corporation and school-level data, visit tion-data-reports.