Several additions to candidate list for May 7 primary

As of Feb. 7, the following individuals have announced their candidacy for Republican or Democrat nominations in the municipal election primary on May 7.

Those individuals are:

City of Huntington
Larry D. Buzzard.
Brooks Fetters. *

City of Huntington
Christi Scher McElhaney. *

City Common Council, 1st District
Charles “Charlie” Chapman. *

City Common Council, 2nd District
Paul L. Pike. *
Paul Scalf.

City Common Council, 3rd District
Richard Strick. *

City Common Council, 4th District
Rabih Ayoub.
David E. Funk. *

City Common Council, 5th District
Joe Blomeke. *

City Common Council, At-Large (2)
Patrick “PJ” Felton.
Seth T. Marshall. *
Jack Slusser. *
Brandon L. Whitesell.

Clerk-Treasurer, Town of Andrews
Laury L. Powell.

Andrews Town Council (3)
Laura A. Dillon.
John Harshbarger. *
Van Juillerat.
Roger L. Newsome Jr.

City Common Council, 3rd District
Richard Douglas Mills.

Andrews Town Council (3)
Raymond R. “Ray” Tackett.
* - denotes incumbent.