Leg. changes to affect fees in auditor’s office

Recent legislative changes will affect fees and deductions in the Huntington County Auditor’s Office.

Effective July 1, the Huntington County Auditor’s Office will implement an increase of the fee to endorse a deed or legal description of each parcel contained in a deed to $10. This is a result of HEA 1427, amending IC 36-2-9-18.

Also, the Over 65 Property Tax Deduction has been amended (IC 6-1.1-12-9).  Effective July 1, a property owner that is over the age of 65, and whose property’s assessed value is less than $200,000, can file for an Age Deduction if their adjusted gross income in the preceding year did not exceed $30,000 for an individual, or a combined adjusted gross income of $40,000.