City council slightly raises fines for some ordinance violations

The Huntington Common Council met Tuesday, March 10, and adopted an ordinance, which had been introduced at a previous meeting, resulting in a slight increase in fines for violations of some city ordinances.

The council consolidated fines for violations of ordinances into one chapter in the city's Code of Ordinances. The fines were previously scattered throughout various sections of the book.

A slight increase in some fines was also approved, including a $5 increase for a parking ticket. The fine now stands at $10.

In other business, the council discussed amending the city's five-year CEDIT plan to include a separate line item for industrial growth. The money for the project was money already included in the budget but was reallocated.

Mayor Steve Updike introduced the idea to promote industrial growth within the city.

The council chose to table the matter until the next meeting in order to allow time to compare the amendment with previous amendments as well as the original five-year plan.