Andrews council touches on variety of topics

The Andrews Town Council touched on a variety of topics during a brief meeting on Monday, Sept. 9.

The board delivered an update on the cleanup process at Antioch Mobile Home Park. Councilman John Harshbarger reported that a dumpster placed at the park had been filled with debris from the park’s homes. Town Marshal Austin Bullock noted that he had witnessed the clean-up process, which was mandated by the town and the Huntington Countywide Department of Community Development. An order of enforcement is currently hanging over the property, on which DCD identified six dilapidated homes that need to be removed and two units that need to be either renovated or removed.

Council reiterated that it expected the park’s owner, Brian Salerno, to present it with a timeline for compliance with the order of enforcement by its next meeting, Monday, Sept. 23. If the board is satisfied with Salerno’s remediation efforts, it will consider extending the order’s deadline, which is Sept. 23.

Utility Superintendent Colin Bullock informed council that the town’s clear well has been rebuilt. The clear well is a tank that holds water before it gets pumped to the town’s water tower. Repairs to the well had been mandated by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), which characterized the well as deteriorating. Bullock noted that the rebuilding process had been completed entirely by the town’s utility department, saving the town the cost of hiring an outside party. The town should know soon, said Bullock, if the rebuilt well meets IDEM’s approval.

Council acknowledged receipt of a resignation letter from Deputy Marshall Austin Smith. Smith indicated that his last day would be Sept. 30. He is leaving Andrews to join the Huntington County Sheriff’s Department.

In other police business, Austin Bullock received permission from council to sell the department’s .45 caliber handguns. With the department having transitioned to 9mm handguns, the .45 calibers were no longer needed, he said. Upon selling the .45 calibers, Bullock expressed interest in purchasing another 9mm, as well as a rifle for the department.

Clerk-Treasurer Laura Dillon stated that the ball was rolling on creating a new comprehensive plan for the town. She relayed that DCD believed the plan could be completed in the span of three months.