Markle Town Council passes budget and annexes property

With Councilman Matthew Doss absent, the council unanimously passed Ordinance 2019-4 on its final reading, adopting the $1,817,700 budget for the year ending Dec. 31, 2020.

The budget includes $753,766 in home-ruled funds not reviewed by the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF).
The proposed budget will now be submitted to the DLGF for review and approval.

On another action item, the council passed Ordinance 2019-5, approving the voluntary annexation of three small parcels owned by Novae Corporation.

Each parcel is less than 3 acres and all are contiguous to the town limits.

The town got some good news in the form of a letter from the Indiana Department of Transportation, awarding another Community Crossings Matching Grant in the amount of $253,893. The funds will be used for funding up to 75 percent of the construction of road projects or the purchase of materials.

Town Supervisor Rick Asher said the matching grant would make the town’s 25 percent portion $63,473.

On a “housekeeping” matter, the council OK’d Resolution 2019-9, giving Clerk-Treasurer Carolyn Hamilton the go-ahead to transfer the following funds:

• $101,878.98 from the Tracy Street Construction Fund to the Rainy Day Fund.

• $3.17 to clear out the Tree Board Fund, moving it to the General Fund.

• $4,864.65 from the Water Utility Bond & Interest to the Water Utility.

Councilman Aaron McClary noted the transfers were reviewed by the State Board of Accounts.

“There’s not much sense of having a fund that has $3.17 in it,” added Hamilton.

By consensus, the council also approved the purchase of a salt and sand spreader box, at a quote of $7,021 and a new backhoe at a quote of $74,097, which includes a government discount and trade-in of the old backhoe. The purchase will include a new three-foot bucket and set of forks. A new set of gutters for the police station building was also approved by consensus, at a cost of $810.

Asher also announced that leaf pickup is under way. Residents are asked to place leaves on the sidewalk as close to the street as possible. Pickup will be done on Mondays and Tuesdays, as weather permits.