Andrews council hears details of police raid

The Andrews Town Council received information about an Oct. 22 police raid that had occurred in town during its meeting on Monday, Oct. 28.

Town Marshal Austin Bullock explained that he had been investigating two individuals residing in a house on Clifton Street. After obtaining a search warrant as part of that investigation, he reached out to an area law enforcement agency for assistance.

“Due to the nature of the house and the individuals that we were looking for, we contacted the Allen County sheriff; that provided us with the Allen County SWAT team,” said Bullock.

With the services of the SWAT team secured, Bullock conducted a raid of the house on the evening of Oct. 22. The operation resulted in the arrests of Larry Reust and Jacqueline Stephan, both of whom had outstanding arrest warrants in Huntington, Bullock said.

The investigation was ongoing, stated Bullock.

On another matter, Bullock stressed that pet owners must keep their dogs on their property. Any dog that leaves its owner’s property is considered to be at large, he said. Having an at-large dog is an ordinance violation and will result in a $50 fine for the owner, said Bullock.

Clerk-Treasurer Laura Dillon provided an update on the clean-up process at Antioch Mobile Home Park. The park’s owner, Brian Salerno, had informed the town that morning, said Dillon, that plans were in the works to remove five mobile homes from the property. She added that Salerno indicated that three other units could be removed after that.

Salerno has until Nov. 12 to comply with an order of enforcement from the Huntington Countywide Department of Community Development that obligates him to clean up his property. The order classifies a total of eight homes as being in poor condition and in need of removal.