Twelve are winners in Senior Expo drawing

Huntington Mayor Steve Updike (center) draws names from a box for the winners of the 2010 Huntington County Senior Expo Passport Program on Wednesday, May 26, at the Huntington Senior Center. Flanking Updike are Holly Saunders (left) and John Ulrich. Photo by Matt Murphy.

Winners from the Passport program of the 2010 Huntington County Senior Expo at Huntington University were drawn by Huntington Mayor Steve Updike on Wednesday, May 26.

They are: Phyllis Clark of Fort Wayne, Joyce Frieden of Huntington, Grace Langston of Huntington, Lorelei Pinkerton of Huntington, Catina Bendele of Warren, Karen Rushing of Huntington, Connie Lynch of Marion, Pat Lusch of Huntington, Nonda Crocker of Huntington, Ann Dailey of Lagro, Tonya Anthony of Andrews and Janet Ruppert of Huntington.

Each winner will receive a $50 Wal-Mart gift card.

The 2010 Passport program was sponsored by Duke Energy.