Huntington County Sheriff’s Dept. re-opens for public lobby visitation

The Huntington County Sheriff’s Department office has re-opened to the public.

Lobby visitations with Huntington County Jail inmates have resumed. Individuals may still visit with inmates from home via video, for a fee, by visiting

Funds may be placed on an inmates’ commissary account at www.jail

The public may once again complete applications for handgun permits at the sheriff’s office. The application process begins at firearms.htm and fingerprinting can be completed by calling 877-472-6917. After accomplishing these steps, individuals should visit the sheriff’s office to finish the application process.

The sheriff’s department has resumed doing VIN checks. The department notes that only certain locations in the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) network are processing this paperwork. Additionally, individuals will need to visit the BMV website,, to make an appointment.

The sheriff’s department requests that visitors practice social distancing when in the lobby of the sheriff’s office.

The office is located at 332 E. State St., Huntington.