Warren Town Hall re-opens with precautions

Warren Town Hall will re-open to the public on Wednesday, July 1, with several precautions, notes Warren Clerk-Treasurer Marilyn Morrison.
Morrison notes that it would be preferable for people coming in to the building to wear a mask.

Town hall employees will not approach the counter unless needed. Anyone coming in to make a payment by check is asked to place the check in the box provided at the counter payment window.

Credit card payments will no longer be taken over the telephone, she notes.

Town hall employees would prefer that cash not be used unless absolutely necessary.

They ask for the public to stay in the area of the sneeze guard if it is installed.

They ask the public to try to maintain a distance if another customer is in the lobby area, although Morrison notes this may not always be possible.

Customers are asked to stay outside if necessary, she relates.