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Questa announces county scholarship recipients

Questa announced the Questa Scholar recipients of Huntington County:

• Katie Melcher, Huntington North High School, Class of 2020.

• Bethany Petry, homeschooled, Class of 2020.

Melcher is interested in helping others through physical therapy and plans to study at Ball State University.

Petry is passionate about using her creative ability to inspire others and plans to pursue that passion in college through a digital media degree at Indiana Wesleyan University.

The Questa Education Foundation announced 85 students have been selected to participate in the Traditional Questa Scholars program in addition to over 300 scholars currently receiving funding for their college degree.

These students recently graduated from high school and will be entering college this fall as freshmen or just completed their first year in their undergraduate degree programs.

In addition to the traditional application, Questa plans to fund 17 more individuals that have been financially affected by COVID-19, whether that means the loss of a job, a loss in college funding or financial concerns brought about by the pandemic. These additional opportunities are available to students attending partner schools in the region.
The Questa Education Foundation’s funding provides the possibility of receiving loan forgiveness up to 75 percent of the total loan amount. By attending a regional partner school, students will receive 25 percent forgiveness and an additional 50 percent forgiveness by living and working in the area for five years after graduation. This incentive for scholars to live and work in Northeast Indiana helps businesses and economy grow and benefit from talent retention. Of the students who have graduated from the program, two-thirds are giving back their talent by living and working in the region.

Questa cannot serve students without the support of donors and funders. Find out more about our programs and how to support a student at or call 407-6494.