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Andrews Town Council talks FEMA, spring clean up

The Andrews Town Council discussed several ordinance amendment proposals, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) buyout progress and H & H Spring clean-up matters during its Monday, March 22, meeting.

Kim Hostetler, of the Huntington Department of Community Development (DCD), presented council with a proposal detailing changes to seven town ordinances. Each change merely added language to further clarify the meaning of each ordinance. For instance, one proposal offered a clearer definition for different kinds of fences.

Four ordinances with change proposals were subdivision control ordinances and three were zoning ordinances.

After hearing the different language that would be added to each of the ordinances, the council approved all changes.

Hostetler also discussed the town’s FEMA buyout progress. During the Aug. 10 town council meeting, Hostetler explained that the FEMA buyout properties were listed in order by priority and that the town would cover the bill for the buyout and then be reimbursed by FEMA. Because of this, the properties could not be purchased all at once, but instead the properties would be purchased a few at a time.

Hostetler said that the hope is for each of the properties to be purchased by the end of the year.

In other business, councilwoman Laura Dillon shared that a date had been set for the town’s spring clean up. However, there were several issues surrounding the terms of the spring clean up.

“We’re fine with the date,” Dillon said. “We’re unhappy with what can be put out.”

The town’s garbage contract is with H&H Disposal. According to council, there are discrepancies between the original contract they signed with the waste disposal company and what the company is stating they are willing to collect for the spring clean up. Dillon, along with Clerk-Treasurer Laury Powell, shared examples of guidelines the company had stated for the clean up day. Those examples included, but were not limited to:

• No yard waste.

• No box springs.

• Has to bend or break.

• Will not be  “unlimited” trash pick up.

It was also stated that it was at the driver’s discretion on whether or not the trash was to be picked up.

The cleanup day is scheduled for May 7. Council plans to discuss the matter with ownership at H&H Disposal to iron out the exact details for what will and will not be able to be picked up.

In unrelated business, Eric Woodmansee, of AME Consulting, provided the town with updates regarding an upcoming construction project.

Woodmansee shared that one favorable bid had been received to complete the Community Crossing Matching Grant (CCMG) 2020-2. The bid, which was from Watson Construction, came in under budget and council opted to proceed.

In other business:

• Town superintendent Collin Bullock reported that he was working on tree removal. He proposed that the town look into hiring someone to help with the process.

• Clerk-Treasurer Powell reported that two new computers had been purchased for the office.