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Common Council discusses moving the dispatch office

The Common Council of the City of Huntington discussed the possible relocation of the Huntington County Combined Dispatch as well as several other miscellaneous items during its early-morning meeting on Tuesday, March 30.

According to meeting minutes, Council Member Charles Chapman reported that the Huntington County Combined Dispatch is looking to relocate its offices to the Victory Noll Campus, as well as build a new radio tower there. According to the minutes, Dispatch Coordinator Tim Allen has “budgeted conservatively for this project” and funds from LIT and E911 are going to be used for the move.

In unrelated business, Huntington Mayor Richard Strick presented an update on the American Rescue Plan (ARP) that the federal government has authorized for distribution to states for communities. The City of Huntington is in line to receive $3,570,000 and “should see the first half of the distribution in May or June,” with the second half coming a year later.

Suggestions for spending the funds include COVID-19 impact on the health of the community, lost revenue replacement and infrastructure, such as broadband, sewer or water improvements. The Clerk-Treasurer’s office is gathering lost revenue data. According to meeting minutes, Congress has prohibited using the funds to cut taxes or paying any individual directly.

The deadline to spend these funds is Dec. 31, 2024.

In other business, it was reported that approximately 18.5 percent of Huntington County residents are fully vaccinated and 24 percent have received one dose. The goal is to have 40 percent of the county fully vaccinated by May 31.