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Warren TC talks Invoice Cloud

During the regular Warren Town Council meeting on Monday, Aug. 9, Clerk-Treasurer Marilyn Morrison presented more information regarding using Invoice Cloud to pay utility bills online.

In previous meetings, the council had not reached a consensus on the town using Invoice Cloud. Morrison spoke with the Invoice Cloud representative again to negotiate lowering prices of payment methods and presented the new list to the council.

She also reiterated that Invoice Cloud is an opt-in system, meaning that anyone who would like to use their previous payment methods would still be allowed to do so.

“It’s not going to affect anyone that doesn’t want to be a part of it,” Morrison said.

If the town would implement Invoice Cloud, customers would have 24/7 access to their account information and would be able to print off that information if they were registered with the system. Customers could be registered in the system without having to use it for paying utility bills.

After further discussion, the motion to implement Invoice Cloud passed 3-1. Now that they are moving forward, Morrison said that it would be a few months before the system would be operational.

In unrelated business, Morrison presented the council with an updated stormwater utility data sheet to review. Establishing this utility has been talked about for about 10 years.

“As we look at stormwater projects, this is really necessary and we need to get it underway,” Morrison said.

Ten years ago, the town’s financial consultant had recommended a rate of $5 for residential per month. More recently the town engineer had recommended going with $6.25. Morrison reviewed other communities and found that their residential rates for a stormwater utility ranged from $5 to $12.

Councilwoman Carrie Miller made a motion to institute the stormwater utility with the rate of $6.25 per month with a cap of $50. Users other than residential would have rates determined through the size of the building and impervious area. The motion passed 3-1.

During department reports, Fire Chief Lee Poulson informed the council that the Warren Volunteer Fire Department (WVFD) had received an anonymous donation of $15,000. WVFD plans to use the funds to purchase equipment.

In other business:

• The council discussed the reinstatement of vacation days for several town employees. After reaching a consensus for the employees in question, the council agreed to update the employee handbook, so that the guidelines for days off are easier to understand.

• Additional conflict has come up in regards to the ownership of the Scout Cabin. The council voted to move forward with legal procedures under advice of legal consul to get the matter resolved.

• The Tax Refund Exchange and Compliance System (TRECS) program recently deposited just over $1,000 in the town’s Trust Indiana Account. These monies are collected from delinquent utility customers through individual state income tax filings.

• Council President Ethan Stivers read a letter from the Warren Public Library Board that requested David Swanson be re-appointed for a term from Oct. 1, 2021, to Sept. 30, 2025. The council approved the appointment.

• Utilities Operations Manager Brian Sills is going to look into getting more quotes for tree trimming since the business that the town originally hired backed out.

• Ordinance 2021-17 was introduced to establish a budget for 2022. The public hearing and adoption of the budget is set for Monday, Aug. 23.