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Amendment made to city code

An amendment to the city’s code of ordinances makes a new allowance for parking large motor vehicles on residential streets and alleys for the purpose of active loading or unloading.

The change goes into immediate effect and applies to RVs, campers, trucks and other vehicles that are more than eight feet tall or 22 feet long, including any trailers and attached components. As adopted in 1974, City Code 72.19 restricted such vehicles from being parked on residential streets and alleys except in case of emergency, for health or safety reasons, or in case of a requested service call.

As it stood, there was “no way for someone who has an RV to load and unload at their property under our ordinances unless they can park it off the street in their driveway,” Mayor Richard Strick said during the Tuesday, Aug. 10, City Council meeting.

Ordinance 6-C-21, ultimately passed Tuesday night on a 5-2 vote, adds an on-street parking allowance for active loading and unloading, limited to five consecutive hours within one 24-hour period. The vehicle must be attended during this time so that it can be moved in the event of an emergency.

During the meeting’s deliberations, Huntington Police Chief Chad Hacker emphasized that residents with such vehicles must be careful not to impede school buses, firetrucks and ambulances.

The first reading of Ordinance 6-C-21 took place during the July 27 Council meeting, during which Council members debated the length of time allowed for loading and unloading. After discussion, Council members voted to extend the time frame from an initial three-hour proposal to five hours.

Council members took up the issue upon the City of Huntington receiving requests from citizens for a change to parking restrictions.