Roanoke Town Council to move forward with property buys

The Town of Roanoke will move forward with a plan to make an offer to buy six properties on Main and Vine streets after receiving approval from the Roanoke Town Council on Tuesday, March 17.

On March 4, the Huntington County CEDIT Board recommended that the Huntington County Commissioners award Roanoke $35,000 toward the purchase of the properties.

The site would be developed into a new town hall, public safety center, community center and parking lot.

The commissioners approved the allotment of money, allowing the council to continue with its plans.

In other business Tuesday evening, street striping in the town was discussed. Striping was not budgeted for 2009; however the council requested Superintendent Paul Swain gather quotes.

Clerk/Treasurer Joanne Kirchner presented a letter from County Auditor Kathy Juillerat regarding a proposed tax increment-financing (TIF) district. Juillerat apologized for failing to put the district into place after Kirchner had filed the required paperwork. The matter has been taken under advisement with the Umbaugh Group, Juillerat says.

Roanoke Library Board member Robin Roush was present at the meeting and raised questions regarding the council's new policy (starting January 2009) requiring the library, which occupies part of the Town Hall, to pay a portion of utility bills and other expenses to the town.

The money from the library was included as town revenue in the 2009 budget. The income helps offset energy costs for the building. Council President John Stoeckley suggested the library begin including utilities and operating costs into its budget.