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Warren Town Council discusses communication issues at meeting

Members of the Board of the Warren Conservation Club and members of the Salamonie Summer Festival committee attended the regular Warren Town Council meeting on Monday, Aug. 23, to introduce themselves and establish a better line of communication for the future.

Council President Ethan Stivers began the discussion by explaining that the council has been trying to reach out to different committees and organizations in Warren to touch base and keep communication open between the town and these entities.

Melinda Daniels, Food Vendor Chair for the Salamonie Summer Festival committee, gave some updates about this year’s festival and said, “All the vendors were very pleased this year and would like to come back next year.”

Following her update was a discussion about some discrepancies between the festival committee and the Conservation Club, including questions about who maintains the Conservation Club parking lot and how it will be used in the future for town events such as the Salamonie Summer Festival.

The council agreed that the Conservation Club Lease Agreement with the town needed to be rewritten and brought up to correct standards since the current lease was last updated in 1961. This new lease would also include an agreement that, if there was a town wide event, such as the festival, that no activities would be scheduled at the Conservation Club that would interfere with the town wide event unless it was first discussed by the groups in question.

In other business:

• A public hearing for Ordinance 2021-17 to approve the 2022 Municipal Budget took place at the meeting. Upon hearing no public comment, the council approved the ordinance unanimously.

• Kim Hostetler, of the Huntington County Department of Community Development (DCD), presented Ordinances 2021-18 through 26. These ordinances covered various wording amendments within the Town of Warren Zoning Ordinance. Since the council had no questions for Hostetler, they voted to adopt the ordinances at time of introduction. Once that motion passed, they made another motion to adopt all the ordinances.

• Daryl Lahr attended the meeting after being cited under the town’s nuisance violation code under town ordinance. It was decided that Lahr would attend the next council meeting on Monday, Sept. 13, to discuss his progress on cleaning up the property. The next steps in the process will be decided at that time.

• Salamonie Township hasn’t made a payment to the town for 2020 Fire Protection shared costs under contract terms. The council agreed that the Township Trustee should be contacted about the overdue status.

• Clerk-Treasurer reported that AT&T wants to place a generator at the 11th Street Tower site. After discussion, the council agreed to put a hold on making a decision until they could re-evaluate the lease payment agreement.