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Hgtn. Recorder now accepts cards for in-office payment

Huntington County Recorder Vicki Pearson says she has listened to her constituents and will start to accept credit cards for in-office customers during normal business hours. There is not a cost to the county for this service. The only cost is charged to the customer and it is based on the recording fee.

The in-office customers will have to pay a small convenience fee for the use of the service. The recording fee for all documents recorded is based on Indiana State Statutes.

After speaking with several Indiana Recorders who already utilize this program, Pearson has decided to partner with, a leading provider of electronic payment options who is a Certified MWBE Company based in Indianapolis. They have several similar agreements with government entities in over 46 states.

“Our office feels that this is just another option to better serve our customers,” says Pearson. “Payment options in this office will be cash, check or credit card.”