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Sept. 28 marked Carson Stoffel Day

If there’s one thing Carson Stoffel will be remembered for, it is his passion for BMX racing that he shared with everyone he met.

As a Huntington North High School student, Carson particularly enjoyed helping children and beginners to the sport learn their way around a BMX course. His younger siblings looked up to their big brother too, Carson’s parents Jacob Stoffel and Krista Rohrabaugh recall.

“He has four younger siblings whose eyes lit up when he was around,” Rohrabaugh said before adding that helping younger kids better learn his BMX passion “brought him much joy.”

Carson died during a BMX event in Rockford, IL, on June 16, 2019. He was 15-years-old. Each summer since, the BMX community has rallied to hold a memorial race in his honor.

The third annual Carson Stoffel Memorial Race took place on Saturday, Sept. 18, at Fort Wayne BMX.

Huntington Mayor Richard Strick met privately with family members on Friday, Sept. 18, and presented Carson’s parents with a proclamation declaring Sept. 28 as Carson Stoffel Day.

“Carson’s BMX number was ‘928.’ It’s not just a number to us – it has meaning,” Rohrabaugh said. “Whenever we see those three numbers, whether it’s 9:28 a.m. or just printed somewhere, we are reminded of him and the memories we were fortunate enough to share with him. Sept. 28 will forever be Carson’s day.”