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Roanoke TC discusses housing speaker system

Rick Fischer, of the Roanoke Beautification Foundation, reported at the Roanoke Town Council meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 5, that the sound system for downtown Roanoke was in the process of getting installed.

He also requested permission to use the old Town Hall to store and house the main stereo equipment for the speakers. The equipment would be a locked 2’ x 2’ rack that they could store in a closet or wherever else in the building that they wished.

The Roanoke Chamber of Commerce will be the ones maintaining the sound system and they approved paying the costs if it would have to be moved in the future for things like renovations or new renters of the building.

Council President Dave Meitzler said he was not in favor of the idea because, with so many people going in and out of the building, there was potential for the equipment to be damaged.

Fischer explained that they do have insurance on the equipment in the event that something like that happened.

Council member Nick Scheer asked if they would need to worry about heating or cooling when looking at a potential spot for the equipment. Fischer said there shouldn’t be any issues with that because the equipment has its own fan.

After some more discussion, the council motion passed 3-2 with the consensus that the Chamber would pay any fees involved with having to move the equipment in the future at the council’s discretion.

In unrelated business, Meitzler reported that the special judge appointed to the case involving 775 N. Seminary St. recently ruled in favor of the town. The resident had 30 days to appeal and did so, but the judge still ruled in favor of the town.

The property in question was put up for tax sale in September of 2019, but wasn’t sold. It was then turned over to the County Commissioners.
According to a previous TAB article in August 2021, City Attorney Michael Hartburg stated, “the town obtained ownership of the property by a county commissioner certificate.”

The same article stated Hartburg explained that the town filed for a quiet title action, so that the town could get the matter of ownership of the property settled and move toward ejectment of the resident on the property.
Since the judge ruled in favor of the town, the resident was given 10 days to vacate the property, which will end on Friday, Oct. 15.
Several residents in attendance at the town council meeting asked what the council planned for the property. Meitzler answered that they were still discussing that.

In other business:
• The council passed the motion to adopt the Town of Roanoke 2021-22 Budget.
• Fire Chief Brandon Taylor requested that the council look into updating the bathrooms in the old Town Hall. He reported issues with the toilets, among several other issues.
• Superintendent of Operations Aaron Popplewell reported that he is in the process of getting a Class WT 3 license, but needs to have the signature of a certified operator to do so. Popplewell presented a quote from Sandhill Environmental Services LLC in the amount of $3,100 in order for them to sign as a certified operator. The council approved the quote.