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Markle TC approves 2022 budget at meeting

During the Wednesday, Oct. 21, Markle Town Council meeting, the 2022 budget ordinance was introduced and the matter of advertising on the water tower was discussed.

The budget ordinance, which was labeled as an “ordinance or resolution for appropriations and tax rates,” outlined each fund name and the adopted budget for that year. The general fund had an adopted tax levy of $393,903 and adopted tax rate of 1.1356, the park fund had an adopted tax levy of $41,496 and an adopted tax rate of 0.1196 and the cumulative capital development fund had an adopted tax levy of $9,181 and adopted tax rate of 0.0225. The total adopted budget totaled $1,866,800. Adopted tax levy dollars totaled $444,580 and the adopted tax rate totaled 1.2777.

“As I look at these… our tax rates continue to become more favorable to our residents,” Council President Matthew Doss said.

The ordinance was approved.

In unrelated business, Doss presented an update on the matter of advertising on the town’s water tower. Novae was, at one time, in contract with the town to advertise on the water tower. However, when it was time to renew the contract in 2015, neither Novae nor the town reached out for renewal. The advertisement has stayed there since then, without making revenue for the town.

Doss explained that Novae has paid the amount that they would have owed had the contract stayed in place, although they had no legal obligation to do so.

It was decided that, in order to make things as fair as possible for other entities who may want to advertise on that space, the council will open the matter up for bidding. The deadline to enter into the advertising bid is Friday, Nov. 12, by 4 p.m.

In other business:

• The United Way sent correspondence to the council requesting funding. The correspondence included information regarding where funding would go, such as American Red Cross of Northeast Indiana, Blessings in a Backpack, Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana, Love in the Name of Christ, Place of Grace, Salvation Army, YWCA of Northeast Indiana and more. The literature also included information about the different impact areas and how funding directly helps people. The last donation that the town of Markle had made to the United Way was $250, which was the total approved for this year.

• The Town of Markle has also updated their website. The new website, which can be viewed at, includes information such as the story of Markle, local establishments, events scheduled within the town as well as an option to sign up for e-mail updates.

• Town Superintendent Rick Asher reported that it is almost time for leaf collection to start again. Collectors ask that residents get leaves onto the sidewalk or on the street. That way, collectors don’t have to drive up onto the sidewalk to reach the leaves or rake the leaves up.