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Roanoke plans to recodify ordinances

During the Roanoke Town Council meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 2, President Dave Meitzler introduced Resolution 2021-04 regarding Disposition of Real Estate.

This resolution would allow the town council to move forward with disposing of 755 Seminary St., Roanoke, to one of the abutting landowners. Meitzler stated that the sale price would be $18,300. The motion passed unanimously.

During department reports, Fire Chief Brandon Taylor requested to spend $460 on lighting the fire station flagpole, $775 on repairing the electrical wiring and $800 to repair ceiling drywall where there had been a leak. The council approved the request.

Clerk-Treasurer Sarah Milton stated she had received a quote in August from American Legal Publishing to recodify the Town of Roanokeā€™s ordinances at a cost of $5,400. She explained that the last time it was updated was 2010 and the ordinances should have been codified and updated annually. The option to have the ordinances hosted online would be $545 for the first year and $495 annually thereafter. Clerk-Treasurer Milton requested a motion to move forward with this recodification project and the council approved.

Finally, Meitzler stated that the park bridge project has been put on hold for this year. He explained that the financial cost was more than the council anticipated.

A citizen mentioned to the council that the Tractor Pullers Association may be able to help since they are always looking to improve the park. The council said they would contact them in the future.