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Adams, Harrison address Warren TC on projects

Ben Adams and Chris Harrison, of Commonwealth Engineering, attended the Monday, Nov. 22, Warren Town Council meeting to discuss updates on current Town of Warren projects.

Adams explained that Harrison will be overseeing the remainder of the Water Upgrade Project and will continue to provide water and wastewater assistance as needed.

Adams explained the status of the Upgrade Project noting that the construction of the Water Tower should be completed this year. The exterior painting and some additional work will be delayed until spring of 2022.

The installation of a new well has been delayed pending the need for reissuing of permits by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), as the well had to be moved from the initial site due to the condition of the piping there. Adams said there is no time line is available for that portion of the project.

Adams also discussed the project report for the 10-year Comprehensive Plan with updated project cost estimates as requested by the council. The report includes water, wastewater and stormwater proposed projects with replacement of the Nancy Street Left Station being at the top of the priority list.

The report will also be used as the basis for the update of the town’s County Economic Development Income Tax (CEDIT) Comprehensive Plan, which expires on Friday, Dec. 31.

During department reports, Town Marshal Dennis Spitler submitted two quotes for Motorola Radio systems for two of the police vehicles necessary due to updating of County Communication system.

The quote from Cops Gear was in the amount of $6,642, while the quote from ERS of Fort Wayne was $10,164.92. The council moved to accept the quote from Cops Gear.

Spitler also submitted photographs and provided a verbal report on the progress of the ordered cleanup of a property located at 826 N. Nancy St., Warren. Discussion continued with the owner and council as to progress at the site.

A deadline of Friday, Dec. 31, was set for removal of six vehicles located on the property. The owner is to attend the Monday, Jan. 10, meeting for continued discussion of the situation.

In other business:
• Clerk-Treasurer Marilyn Morrison reported that the newly amended disconnect policy was now in use.  Morrison asked for pre-approval of payment for 2021 Firemen Compensation as that invoice will not be available until Wednesday, Dec. 1, and payment is needed at that time of submittal. The council approved by consensus.

• Morrison recommended that, due to disparity in the bidding for tree/brush trimming effecting primary electric service lines, that council consider using an outside company to handle the project. Following discussion and by consensus, the council approved moving forward with the recommendation.

• Ordinances 2021-28, 29, 30, Wages and Benefits for 2022, were submitted in introduction. The ordinances reflect a .65 cents per hour increase in hourly wage for employees and establishment of a set wage of $20 per hour for part time police officers with removal of automatic annual increases for part time officers. There were no amendments to the benefit sections of the ordinances.

• Due to the age of the accepted quote on installation of a heating/air conditioning unit at Town Hall, the vendor is to notify the Town by Saturday, Jan. 1, with a schedule for the project and notice as to whether the bid will be honored.

• Further discussion regarding renewal of a lease of land in Tower Park with the Warren Sportsman club was delayed until 2022 due to the draft revision of a new lease being rejected by that group.

• The next regular council meeting is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 13. There is also an Executive Meeting and Special Session scheduled for that date for discussion/selection of an individual to fill the Saturday, Jan. 1, 2022, vacant council position.