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Bippus High alums have 91st reunion

The former Bippus High School building
The former Bippus High School building Photo provided

Bippus High School song
On Bippus Tigers, we’re all for you,
On Bippus Tigers, for Gold and Blue.
Keep on fighting ‘til you win,
Never give up and never give in.
On Bippus Tigers, keep up the fun,
On Bippus Tigers, the game must be won,
Keep our colors flying high,
And lead us to victory.

Approximately 40 former Bippus High School students and students’ family members gathered in the Bippus Lions Community Building Saturday, April 30, for the 91st Bippus High School Alumni reunion.

“Everybody likes to get together, talk and catch up,” said Jo Ann Snyder Byers, Alumni Association president.

Due to Covid restrictions, the group was unable to meet in 2020 or 2021, so there was plenty of catching up to do.

Ellen Rice, Class of ’52, said that Bippus High School was a great place because all of the students knew each other.

“Our teachers knew everyone, too,“ Rice said. “We got a good education at Bippus High School.”
Former student Betty McCune recalled the fun that students had at the Bippus Tigers basketball games. Other students had good memories of Sunshine Society, choir and band.

The school opened its doors in 1898. In 1916, a new school building opened.  

Unfortunately, in 1958, the last class graduated from Bippus High. Dorolyn Haney was one of that year’s graduates.

“The school was like one big, happy family—just like Bippus,” Haney said.

Today, the Bippus Fire Department is close to where the school once stood. A Bippus High School memorial marker to sets at the community’s main intersection.

Along with talking and sharing memories of school days, reunion attendees paused to remember alumni who have died since the last reunion.

When the group discussed whether or not they should continue meeting, almost everyone agreed that they should.

Suzanne Whitted was elected the new president of the Alumni Association.