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HNHS students hear program on prom night safety

“It is my mission to save kids’ lives.” — Chad Bauer

 “I love ya, Pops. Wake me up for church in the morning” were the last words Chad Bauer ever heard his teenage son, Logan,say.

The next morning, Chad found Logan dead in bed from an accidental fentanyl overdose.
Chad, a Huntington native and captain on the Fort Wayne Fire Department, spoke recently to Huntington North High School (HNHS) seniors at Operation Safe Prom April 29.

Since Logan’s death in 2021, Chad has made it his mission to help save the lives of middle and high school students by making presentations at schools.

“I touch on the temptations facing teens today, and the struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts some teenagers face,” Chad said.

Additionally, the elder Bauer talks about the challenges some students struggle with due to problems at home, including addiction.
He encourages students to think about what to expect after high school, and the challenges and temptations they will face.

But Chad is quick to point out that it’s not only teens who face temptations of substance abuse.


“I’m a peer counselor at the Fort Wayne Fire Department,” he said. “We have the same issues there.”
Chad is available to speak to schools, churches and other groups. He can be reached at 413-1098.

“Let’s all stand together in this fight,” Chad said.

Operation Safe Prom event was a collaborative effort of Parkview Hunting-ton Hospital, Parkview Huntington EMS, Park- view Health System, HNHS, HNHS Prom Committee, HNHS Drama Team, The Awakening Church, Huntington County Dispatch and the Mayor’s Office City of Huntington.
Also, Emergency Management Agency, Huntington City Police, Huntington County Sheriff Department, McElhaney-Hart Mortuary, Huntington Superior Court, Huntington Prosecutor’s Office, Huntington County Coroner’s Office, L.A.C.E, Youth Services Bureau and Huntington City Fire Department.