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City’s 2022 paving projects selected

 The City of Huntington’s 2022 paving projects, have been announced. They are being funded by thanks to a $346,000 grant from Indiana’s Community Crossings program.

Each year, the city paves approximately 3.8 miles of streets and 1.5 miles of alleys, according to Adam Cuttriss, director of public works and engineering services for the city.

Paving needs are prioritized with data collected in Pasar, the pavement rating system used by the city. Use of a pavement rating system in required for application to Community Crossings for funds.

“We drive every street in the city and to assess its condition at least once every two years,” said Cuttriss. “We evaluate the condition of the pavement on a scale of one to 10.

“The lower the number, the greater the need for repairs. The length of the street and whether it’s located in a residential, or a commercial, area are not factors in assigning a value to the pavement’s condition.”

Huntington’s 2022 street paving schedule includes:
• Sabine Street – Condit Street to Broadway
• McFarland Street – Sabine Street to Broadway
• South Briant Street – South Jefferson to Riverside Drive
• Columbia Street – Henry to S. Briant
• McCrum Street – Salamonie to S. Jefferson
• West Taylor Street – Salamonie to South Jefferson
• Major Street – Joe Street to Green Street
• East John Street – Warren Street to Guilford Street
• Buchanan Street – West Park Drive to Zahn Street
• Zahn Street – Dimond  Street to Poplar Street
• Esther Street – German Street to Church Street
• Flaxmill Road – US 24 to North Lafontaine
• Stephan Street – Poplar Street to Cherry Street
• Himes Street – North Avenue to Fruit Street

No street closures are planned for the 2022 projects.

To learn the rating of a street’s pavement, resident can call the city engineering department at 356-1400. To report a pothole, call the city street department, 356-4720, or visit the city’s website.