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Honeywell’s summer art camps back in full

For the first time since 2019, Honeywell Summer Arts Camps have begun at full scale. They host a broad range of camps for visual arts.

Their visual arts camps include:
 • A S.T.E.A.M. camp for grades K –1 taking place June 13 – 17 and June 20 -24.  
 • Printmaking and fabric dying for grades two – four which takes place June 13 – 17 and June 20 -24.  
 • Watercolor and shrinky dink creations for grades 5 – 6 taking place June 20 – 24. Each camp is a week-long and meet weekdays starting at 9 a.m.
Visual arts camps explore a range of mediums such as building mosaics, hammering flower-print cards, or learning the Japanese dying technique of Shibori.

  “Honeywell camps provide focused time to do projects that might be too involved to do in school,” says Carolyn Stoner, Honeywell’s Director of Arts. “Our goal is to offer an elevated arts experience.”
Arts education has been promoted as an essential building block of success in adulthood and is especially impactful for at-risk youth.

For any student who might not have found their passion in academics or sports, the arts make a critical impact, building confidence and resilience, honing the muscle that helps us persist in learning something new even if it’s initially hard.  
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