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DNR seeks reports of certain mammals

You can help the Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife by submitting reports of certain mammals of interest.
By reporting a compiling observation of these species, it will help identify local and statewide trends in these rare or elusive mammals.
Mammals of interest include a variety of species ranging from nocturnal and difficult to observe mammals to common mammals locally that are rare elsewhere.
Some of these mammals may have no resident breeding population but are just visitors to Indiana.

These mammals could potentially be seen from your home, on your way to work, or while out biking, hiking, or camping.
The report forms also include species at risk of declining and species of greatest conservation need.
The form allows you to submit a photo or brief video to help with the documentation.

Currently, the reports accepted are for the following species:
Badger, black bear, bobcat, Franklin’s ground squirrel, gray wolf, jumping mouse, mountain lion, nine-banded armadillo, pygmy shrew, smokey shrew, southern flying squirrel, star-nosed mole, thirteen-lined ground squirrel, weasel species, and western harvest mouse.

For more information on how to spot these mammals or about reporting visit